About Phillip

Hi there! My name is Phillip Studinski and I’m a digital analytics and online marketing expert. I’m a father to a girl, Andrea, aged seven, a boy, Jakob, aged two, and I’m a husband to my wonderful, beautiful wife, Nanna.

I live outside Kalundborg, Denmark and have worked with web analytics, conversion (rate) optimization and ecommerce since 2006. I spend most of my time inside Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Visual Studio Code.

This blog is my professional sanctuary. It’s the one place where I pour out my ideas and tips on everything about web analytics, tag management, website optimization and ecommerce.

Why the 42? It’s a reference to Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Searching for the answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, the protagonist finally finds that the answer is 42. Making no sense of the answer, he realises that he forgot to ask the right question. Which is exactly what web analytics is about: Asking the right questions before looking for answers.

I mostly have a background as an Online Manager, Ecommerce Manager, Head of Online (take your pick) from various Danish and international companies (check out my LinkedIn profile here). I’ve worked in a wide range of industries such as telco (with Call me and Telia Denmark), auctions (Lauritz.com) and health (Fitness World). Always with an intense focus on data driven online marketing and customer acquisition optimisation.

In 2014 I became a consultant to develop my skills together with the amazing people at iProspect and in the Dentsu Aegis Network. In the course of my stint at iProspect, I got to work intensely with data, analytics and site optimisation for a range of amazing companies such as; Specsavers, Elgiganten (Dixons' Nordic branch), SteelSeries, JYSK, and many more.

Finally, in 2017, I left iProspect as Head of Data Intelligence to become a self-employed freelance digital consultant. I mostly worked with enterprise size clients, NGOs and startups. But I’m happy to take on any project when time allows for it and if I find it fun.

In June 2019, I became a co-founding team member of what was first called Eden, but the came to be known as NoA Connect. I was the Head of Data & Analytics for a couple of years and also held an interim position as the Head of Marketing Automation with a large client.

As I’m somewhat adventurous by nature, I left NoA Connect in 2021. My wife and I decided to do something completely else. So we bought a huge house in the Danish country side, are working to become somewhat selfsustaining, raise chickens and just enjoy life in nature. I still do freelance consulting and work, but actually I spend most of my time as the COO of Klassiske Vinduer - we buy, renovate and sell old windows and doors.

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I love talking about analytics, conversion and online marketing. So if you’re ever around Copenhagen, then drop me a line on Twitter or send me an email.

Phillip Studinski