Measurement Protocol

Event Tracking for Mouseover/Hover on Element for X Seconds

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A client of mine recently asked me to track ‘mouse interaction’ with an iframe that they embed on several pages. By ‘mouse interaction’, the client basically meant that they would like to track whenever users hovered their mouse cursor over the iframe for a certain amount of time. I’ve previously posted that you can track any mouse or keyboard interactions with Google Analytics. As long as they occur within the browser. Read more →

How to Track if Google Analytics Is Blocked in Analytics

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Ad blockers have been around for years - and I won’t go into a moral or ethical discussion about the use of them. But with Apple’s iOS9 update, content (or ad) blocking suddenly became much more mainstream. Now,┬áthe problem is that many ad blockers also block Google Analytics. Analytics software such as Google Analytics is there to help users - not monitor or track them per se. We use analytics data to improve and optimize our websites. Read more →