Software for the Technical Digital Marketer

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This weekend, I bought a new laptop. I went for a sleek Lenovo IdeaPad 710s Plus with a 256 GB SSD harddrive, lots of memory and a dedicated graphics card. But getting a new computer made me realize just how much software I’m actually using. As an ecommerce consultant, the entire software stack of the digital marketer is actually quite comprehensive. I even had a hard time remembering what to install. Read more →

You know you work with digital and ecommerce when...

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… you ask a fellow passenger in the lift to “Please click the number five button” … you once in a while click a banner ad just for fun; and upon seeing the landing page, realizes that no one apparently had thought of that ever happening … you feel the need to optimize the way hotel buffets are ‘layouted’ every time you’re on vacation … you try to segment people on the train in different user buckets by age, gender and clothing style … you’re amazed how fast (and unsecure! Read more →

Choosing the Best Heatmap Tool for Mouse Tracking

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If you’re a regular visitor on this site, you might have noticed that I’ve been running a poll to ask visitors about their preferred heatmapping tool for mouse and click tracking. Now, a heatmap tool is a great companion for Google Analytics. Because, while Google Analytics often tell us where something goes wrong, it doesn’t really tell us the actual problem. This is when a heatmap tool offers some more qualitative data. Read more →

3 Ways to Discover Customer Intent with Google Analytics

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Do your website meet the actual expectations of your visitors? People rarely arrive at your website by chance. They have an intention and are there for a reason - regardless of what triggered their visit. And often times regardless of what you think their intention is. That’s why, it’s so important to understand those intentions so you can optimize for them. Perhaps your site navigation needs to be simplified. Or your homepage should have some different promotions. Read more →

4 important skills of great web analysts

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The data analysts and web analysts of today are not just required to do reporting and relay data in simple charts and tables. True web analysis is about answering business critical questions and come up with intelligent answers. It’s about delivering real value based on insights derived from data. And it has a lot to do with recommending specific actions or to qualify discussions and planning in marketing and sales. I’ve thought about the most important skills of great web analysts for some time. Read more →

Which Ad Blockers are blocking Google Analytics?

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This article/survey is from 2016. Please note that blocking or hindering of Google Analytics, one way or the other, is even more widespread now. This is still due to ad blockers, but also due to browser technologies such as ITP and ETP implemented by Safari and Firefox. Ad blocking software has gotten a lot of attention recently. Not because it’s new, but likely because it’s being used more widely. Studies put the ad block penetration at up to 37% or even higher - it depends on country and other factors. Read more →