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Track Browser Viewport in Google Analytics with GTM

I often setup accurate browser viewport tracking in Google Analytics. Actually, I more or less stopped using the native Screen Resolution dimension in Google Analytics years ago, and I think it has become even less useful after it became possible to view the device category (mobile, tablet or desktop) of a user.

The main reason is that the dimension really does not provide a good actionable insight when deciding how to layout and design a web page, and what I would really like to know is to see the user’s actual viewport; i.e. how large an area of my website that is actually visible in the browser.

And as (desktop) screens are getting larger and are getting higher resolutions, it has also become increasingly common that users will open a windowed browser instead of browsing in full screen mode. So the screen resolution itself is simply not that relevant to examine.

Enter viewport dimension tracking. By tracking the actual viewport of browsers, we can get data that allows us to come up with better answers to a variety of problems: Continue reading